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Teeth Extractions in Dubai – Why Are They Necessary?

Tooth extractions here in Dubai are in effect the removal of the tooth from the tooth socket. Normally, our Easy Dental dentists in Dubai will do all that they can to save or keep a tooth but there are times when this isn’t always possible. 

Therefore in cases such as:


Severe tooth decay
Periodontal (gum) disease
Injury or trauma or



Tooth removal in Easy Dental Clinic in Dubai is often the best solution.

tooth removal
What about emergency teeth extraction in Easy Dental Dubai?
Emergency tooth removal is relatively rare as your Easy Dental Dubai dentist will normally work to save the tooth. However, in situations like an accident that has damaged your mouth or an infection that is spreading it is possible that you might need an emergency dental extraction
Tooth Extraction at Easy Dental
– What to Expect
We take care

The tooth removal process is usually a gentle and quick process. First, we will numb the area with an anaesthetic. This is so that you feel no discomfort. Then using special tools we will gently pull the tooth. While you may experience a slight pressure sensation, you won’t feel any pain. Usually, the tooth extraction process can be completed in as little as a few minutes. That really is it!


One of the most common fears of dental patients. There could be several reasons why you are browsing this page. Well, there is only one reason and that is you need to have a tooth extracted, but there could be several reasons behind why you need tooth extraction.

While teeth are supposed to last us a lifetime, they don’t often do that. Commonly, patients visit our expert Dentists at Easy Dental for tooth extraction if a certain tooth has decay or is badly damaged. It could be a simple infection that wasn’t properly treated in a timely manner, or it could be an accident which damaged a tooth beyond repair.

No matter what the reason may be, you are at the right place. Easy Dental Clinic is renowned in Dubai for pain-free and patient-focused Dental treatments. You can talk to us at (04) 3885989 for an appointment and get expert advice.

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How much does an extraction cost?

There’s no standard fee for extractions, as the cost depends on where the tooth is located in your mouth and how complex the procedure is.

Our staff will give you a full breakdown of costs and discuss payment options during your consultation.

As with all types of surgery, teeth removal have associated risks and possible post operative complications. These will be discussed with you prior to the commencement of any procedure. Before proceeding, you should seek opinion from a qualified health practitioner.

We've been caring for patients in dubai since 2009.

At Easy Dental, we offer tooth extractions for children and adults, including wisdom teeth removal. Based in few locations in Dubai, we make tooth extractions pain-free & simple. Call us now at 04 3885989 to book an appointment with our professional dentists.

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Care & advice

From how to deal with dental phobias, to advice on common dental conditions, how to keep teeth in top shape and your breath fresh, our Easy Dental Clinic in Dubai team can help with all your queries on general dental care and advice.

Dental Fees 

We are dedicated to providing affordable and honest dental care with transparent pricing.

What about after tooth removal?

After tooth removal, we will ask patients here in Easy Dental to bite down on some gauze for a short period of time. This helps to stop any bleeding and form a blood clot to prevent the spread of any infection.

If you would like to find out more about teeth extractions in Dubai, then book a consultation with our highly experienced team at Easy Dental today.

We only extract teeth if there’s no other option

Our dentists at Easy Dental will always try to save a healthy tooth whenever we can. But if a tooth is too badly damaged to be repaired with a root canal or a filling, we may recommend extraction for the good of your overall oral health. At Easy Dental, we offer tooth extractions for children and adults, including wisdom teeth removal. Extractions may sometimes be performed as preparation for another treatment, such as fitting dentures. We always use local anesthesia to numb the pain during extractions. We’ll also discuss options for filling the gap with natural-looking replacement teeth to help restore your smile, such as a fixed bridge or denture.

Why do teeth need to be removed? 

If any of your teeth have been badly damaged by decay, trauma or an infection, our dentists will examine your mouth and take x-rays to see if there’s a chance of repairing the tooth. In many cases, even a tooth that’s been badly damaged may be restored with root canal therapy or by placing a crown or filling. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible. A severely damaged or infected tooth can affect your ability to eat and speak, as well as your appearance. It can also increase your risk of developing further oral health problems. That’s why we recommend extracting teeth that are too badly damaged to repair, and replacing them with a lifelike artificial tooth to restore your smile.

We also recommend removing wisdom teeth if these are causing problems in your mouth, or may be likely to do so in the future.

How are teeth extracted?

Tooth extraction is one of the most common dental procedures. Most teeth can simply be loosened and gently removed using forceps, but teeth that are badly damaged or stuck in the gum may require minor oral surgery, as our dentists need to access the tooth root below the gum line. If oral surgery is needed, we’ll make sure the site is fully sterilised to prevent infection and seal the gum using self-dissolving stitches.

Like most dental treatments, extractions are performed under local anaesthesia to numb pain in the part of your mouth being treated. If you need to have more than one tooth pulled, we may be able to perform multiple extractions in the same appointment. This depends on the status of your oral health and where the teeth are located in your mouth.

What happens after an extraction?

We advise patients to take it easy for the rest of the day following an extraction. You’ll normally be able to drive yourself home if you only had a local anaesthetic, but not if you had another type of sedation. You may feel some pain and discomfort or swelling during the next few days, which can be managed with over-the-counter medication.

In most cases, you can resume your normal activities the next day. We recommend that you avoid overly hard or crunchy foods, as this may cause discomfort for your sensitive gum. You should still brush and floss your teeth as normal from the following day to keep your mouth free from food and bacteria, taking care to brush gently around the gap.

Unless you had a wisdom tooth removed, or your extraction was due to crowding, we’ll recommend placing an artificial tooth once your gum has had enough time to heal. We’ll arrange a follow-up appointment to discuss your tooth replacement options.

What are the risks?

Complications are rare for dental extractions, as our dentists use sterilised equipment. However, you should still take care with what you eat and drink, keep up with your oral hygiene routine and check the treated site for signs of infection, especially if you had oral surgery.

If your mouth is still bleeding the next day, or you have any other unexpected symptoms, contact us to make an emergency appointment.

Contact your Easy Dental doctor today 04 3885989.  We will get to know you and provide you with tailored, individual advice on how to go further.

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