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Dental Fillings Near Me

Tooth Filling Appointment

Teeth Filling Starts at aed99

When your tooth shows signs of decay, your Easy Dental Clinic in Dubai dentist can help to stop it before any further damage is caused. Fillings are applied to small and developing cavities to restore your tooth back to its normal shape and prevent any further decay.

Tooth Filling Cost starts at AED 99 at Easy Dental Clinic in Dubai is the most visited dentist in Dubai for dental fillings appointment in Dubai.

Dental cleaning
What Are the Benefits
of a Dental Filling?
Why visit Easy Dental?

Filling Stops the cavity from growing further. When you get a filling, your dentist will clean out the decayed part of your tooth. This Improves the structural support of the tooth. Even Strengthens fractured teeth. Tooth fillings can improve the color of your teeth or restore with same color. The prevents and protects your teeth from decay.

Cavity Check
Dentist Chair


When your tooth shows signs of decay, your dentist Dubai can help to stop it before any further damage is caused. Fillings are applied to small and developing cavities to restore your tooth back to health.

Most Visited Dentist in Dubai Since 2009

We look forward to welcoming you and your family. We focus on your long term health goals, that’s why our general dentist in Dubai appointments are based on preventative care coupled with education. Dentist near me. We also place a strong emphasis on keeping your visit with us as relaxing and comfortable as possible.Teeth Cleaning Karama Dubai At AED 99 I Scale and Polishing at - 

We've been caring for patients in dubai since 2009.

Contact Easy Dental Clinic in Dubai on 04 3885989 today to book your next tooth filling appointment.

Cavity Check

Care & advice

From how to deal with dental phobias, to advice on common dental conditions, how to keep teeth in top shape and your breath fresh, our Easy Dental Clinic in Dubai team can help with all your queries on general dental care and advice.

Dental Fees 

We are dedicated to providing affordable and honest dental care with transparent pricing.
Early Identification - Spot decay before it gets serious

When you visit for a check up, your dentist will use a small inspection mirror to assess the surface of your teeth, looking for signs of decay or little cracks and fissures. They will let you know as soon as they see anything that might require treatment, and a small filling is a lasting preventative solution that far outweighs a root canal treatment, which can be the result of extensive decay. By closing up the gap, your dentist is preventing bacteria from getting in and preserving your tooth in the least invasive way.

The process is straightforward and often only requires one or two appointments at your Dubai Easy Dental practice. Once your dentist has assessed the area that requires treatment, they will clear out any decay before filling the clean cavity with a material of your choice.

Composite resin fillings

Composite resin is a kind of plastic that will match your natural tooth colour, making a filling less visible. The resin mixture can be poured straight into the cavity, making it a relatively quick treatment, if a little less durable than gold or silver.

Should you require a filling, your dentist will discuss with you the different options available and best advise on the most suitable for you and your teeth.

What kind of fillings are available?

There are a number of different materials that can be used to fill a hole in your tooth.
White or tooth coloured options prove to be the most popular of these options as they remain the quickest and most natural-looking of the options – no one can tell that you’ve had a filling.

As well as a filling, your dental doctor will also provide a complete check of your overall oral health. Your  Easy Dental & teeth Cleaning Clinic will get to know you and provide you with tailored, individual advice on how to maintain the best oral health, from diet to dental care.

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Care & advice

Making Your Dental Cleaning a Priority

Over the course of six months, think about how much time you spend cleaning your home to keep your family healthy. Taking half an hour every six months for a dental cleaning is nothing by comparison, but it can have great benefits for your health, your appearance, and your overall quality of life.

If you want to enjoy all those benefits for yourself, call us to schedule your dental cleaning today.

Why Choose Us?

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We offer general and cosmetic treatments including teeth whitening, Invisalign® and smile makeovers.  We endeavor to provide high quality dental treatment at affordable price in a relaxing comfortable environment. We also know as the Dentist in Dubai, Dentist dubai, dental clinic in karama, dental clinic in Satwa, dental clinic in Al Rigga, dentist Rigga, dentist karama, dentist Satwa, braces in dubai, Cheap braces, affordable braces. ​At our dental clinic in Dubai, you can get any tooth treatment connected with: Same Day Emergency. General Dentistry. Surgery. Orthodontics. Dental Crowns. Dentures. Braces. Cosmetic Dentistry. We are the Dental Clinic in Karama providing General Dentistry and Orthodontics. We at Al Rigga being the best Dental Clinic in Al Rigga Provides the best dental treatment in Deira Dubai. At Satwa the Easy Dental Clinic has been known for being the Dental Clinic in Satwa at the most affordable dentist providing quality dentistry since 2009. 

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Christopher Davis

Easy Dental Clinic did braces for me and are amazing! They not only gave me a beautiful smile but they did it in less than a year.




Affordable Dental Fillings Dubai

Dental price in Dubai can be anything but not cheap in Dubai. Hence, the Easy Dental Clinic in Dubai since 2012. Our passion is to provide all of our clients with high quality dental care, in a safe and comfortable environment but at the most affordable and reasonable cost. We are the best cheap and affordable dentist dental clinic in Dubai but, we have strong focus on prevention and minimally invasive treatments with out compromising quality. Being the cheap dentist near me, our holistic approach is carefully designed to make sure that our patients experience is informative, seamless and enjoyable.​

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