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​Easy Braces ​in Dubai

Upper & Lower Braces in Dubai at AED499
#1 Reliable Orthodontic Treatment

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UPPER & lower Braces Cost aed499

At Easy Dental Clinic in Dubai. Our Top Orthodontist offer you the best quality braces at the most competitive price and cost with with compromising on the quality of the orthodontic treatment provided. Our thousand of happy patients is our evidence. Easy Dental is the top brace provider in Dubai Since 2009. Traditional metal braces have long been a treatment of choice for many orthodontic patients and for good reason. They gives results.

At Easy Dental Clinic, we recommend traditional metal braces in Dubai to a number of our patients, particularly those with more complex problems. 

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​Are You An Ideal Candidate for Metal Braces? 
Most of our orthodontic patients in Dubai are adults. The adult braces has been a popular health improvement option in Dubai. The young adult to old make great candidates for this treatment. Because conventional bracket and wire systems are the best braces in Dubai allow us to treat serious teeth issues. This metal braces designs are appropriate for mild to severe teeth alignment needs. The braces dentist near me can do the monthly braces adjustment.
How Long is the Braces Treatment
​Every patient’s smile is different from the next. During the initial consultation, the braces dentist can provide you with an approximate estimate as to how long it will take to align the teeth arrangement. Individuals complete their treatment in different timings, mostly between 12-24 months. The braces six months treatment is applicable if the its for cosmetic correction of anterior teeth only (meaning that we are only aligning the front teeth). The braces of teeth is typically much shorter in some cases. The braces Dubai price is competitive. The braces cost in Dubai is depending on the duration of the braces treatment. The color of braces can be chosen by the clients.

​By Leading Orthodontist in Dubai

Dental teeth braces in Dubai are ideal for anyone who needs orthodontic treatment. Developments in orthodontic technology over the years has meant these brackets are smaller in size so aren't as visible, but they do still remain one of the most effective treatment options on the market. Begin your transformation.

If you want to find out whether metal braces are right for you, book a consultation with us here at Easy Dental Orthodontics Clinic today.

Traditional Fixed Orthodontic Braces:
Metal Braces - Advantages

Although there are less traditional methods of realigning teeth, the use of this type of installation is typically associated with young children. During this process, metal wires are attached to the front surfaces of the teeth with brackets. ​Using these implements, the braces are gradually tightened over time to apply gentle pressure to the pearly whites and encourage them to move into the desired position – while the length of the process depends on the severity of the problem. ​Patients looking to receive this type of treatment should book an appointment with their dental professional or orthodontist as soon as possible, to give them more time to enjoy a straighter, more attractive smile.​​

Dubai Braces

Dental braces are devices used in orthodontics that align and straighten teeth and help position them with regard to a person's bite, while also aiming to improve dental health. Braces also fix gaps. They are often used to correct under bites, as well as malocclusions, overbites, open bites, deep bites, cross bites, crooked teeth, and various other flaws of the teeth and jaw. Braces can be either cosmetic or structural. Dental braces are often used in conjunction with other orthodontic appliances to help widen the palate or jaws and to otherwise assist in shaping the teeth and jaws. Teeth braces are popular and some of the types are lingual braces, aligners, fixed braces, Damon braces and removable braces. Retainers come in the form as essix retainer, Hawley's retainer and fixed retainer.  ​We provide all types of braces at affordable prices to straighten the teeth. We are providers of Braces in Dubai Since 2009. Teeth Straightening is getting popular as more and more people realize that Teeth Straightening is easily accessible and affordable. Realigning teeth can be achieved through a variety of procedures, with some better suited to certain individuals than others.

Why Choose Us?

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Affordable Professional Teeth Straightening in Dubai

​Dubai's Certified Orthodontic Specialist
​Easy Dental is proud to offer a wide range of orthodontic treatments for everyone, from young adults, to those later in life wanting to straighten their teeth. It is never too late to have the straight smile you have always wanted! We are very passionate about helping patients get the happy, healthy smile they deserve, which often results in a confidence boost too. Our experienced team are trained to help you get the most discreet and suitable orthodontics currently available, so that you can have the most effective straightening treatment, and the best possible results.

Why Braces in Easy Dental Clinic?

We build real, authentic and trusting relationships that won’t end when you complete your treatment. We will respect your time, and empower you with education to make well informed decisions about your treatment choice. Find comfort in knowing that we use the latest technology available, and join our commitment to the community, environment and our ethics.

Caring for Your Teeth Braces During Treatment

​Few things need to kept in mind to ensure that your time spent on braces is effective and beneficial to your overall health and smile. ​Braces experience and outcome is depending on the care we take.

* Floss daily, using appropriate water flosser to clean between teeth.
* Brush thoroughly around each bracket and along the gum line to prevent gingivitis and new cavity formation.
* Avoid sticky or hard, crunchy foods as these may damage your orthodontic appliances.
​* Keep your regularly scheduled appointments, so that treatment can progress in a timely manner.

Christopher Davis

Easy Dental Clinic did braces for me and are amazing! They not only gave me a beautiful smile but they did it in less than a year.



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Teeth Straightening: Metal Braces Dubai

Leading Orthodontist in Dubai

Conventional metal braces dentist aren’t just the most common choice of braces in Dubai (braces teeth), but they’re also often the most affordable. Despite their not-so-popular history some decades ago, metal braces dental have come a long way. Braces now a days are lighter, affordable braces and comfortable braces. ​​The stainless-steel brackets are attached to the patient’s teeth using a glue above the gums and these are then linked to one another using a braces wire. This then guides the teeth to move into their ideal positions (braces before and after). The wire is connected to each tooth bracket using color elastics or ligatures and these simply resemble tiny elastics. The braces doctor can always advice further on clear braces. The fun aspects of traditional metal braces Dubai is being able to choose what color elastics you’d like every visit. Some patients like to get very creative! Our braces price for fixing upper and lower is AED499.

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